What kind of security does cabal have?

All traffic is encrypted using a symmetric key, meaning that anybody who has the cabal://abcdef key can read cabal network traffic.

IP addresses are not hidden. By sniffing internet or local network traffic you could potentially discover who is involved in a cabal.

Cabal shares the same encryption primitives as DAT. The security parts of How Dat Works is a good summary of how encryption works in cabal as well.

Cabal's cryptography is yet to be audited.

What's the plan for media embeds?

We have a work in progress (gif) of it in Cabal Mini, one of our desktop clients. Once that is finished we will implement support for it in the other clients

How do I get chat history when I connect the first time?

To get chat history, you need to be connected with at least one peer who has the history. But it doesn't matter which peer you connect to, since everyone in a cabal has the full chat history locally.

How can I support what you're doing?

Join the Cabal Club by contributing to one of the clients.

If you want to help financially (we're doing this in what spare time we have over after jobs) you can donate to our open collective :)

My question wasn't answered here.

Consider opening an issue in this Github repo to ask.